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Leadership Lessons From Alice in Wonderland & The Wizard of Oz

Don’t Ask Alice

A lot of organizations are like Alice. They are going somewhere, but collectively don’t know where, or the destination keeps changing.

That in turn causes confusion, frustration, wasted time and resources as employees think they know where they are headed, but end up going in the wrong direction.

But Dorothy had the right idea …

Where are we going?

We’re off to see the Wizard

How will we get there?

Follow the yellow brick road. Follow the yellow brick road. Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road.

What’s the difference between Alice and Dorothy?

Alice was going somewhere, but didn’t know where, so it didn’t matter what road she took to get there.

Dorothy, on the other hand, was very specific where she was going, and how she was going to get there.

But even more important, Dorothy repeated it to her “team” again, and again.

Repetition is critical if you want people to understand the vision / goal, and keep heading in the same direction (organizational alignment).

Organizations can learn a great lesson from Dorothy. Be very clear about where you are headed, and repeat it over, and over again.