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Empathy Is The New Leadership Power-Skill

We are in the midst of a pandemic that nobody was prepared for. We are still flying by the seats of our pants trying to figure out how to react, as well as how to make it in a world that has, and will to continue to drastically change.

Your employees are going through very challenging times trying to navigate life in an ever changing pandemic/post-pandemic world. Many people are dealing with personal loss while trying to maintain a professional presence -- juggling home and work responsibilities with very little knowledge, skills, or support.

Even as it appears that we are making progress in ending the pandemic, the effects will be with us for many years to come.

People Don't Leave Bad Organizations -- They Leave Bad Leaders

It’s expensive when people leave your company. As employees rethink their lives both personally and professionally, organizations are going to have to do more to retain institutional knowledge and skills that in turn will help build your company’s future.

Leaders at all levels of the organization need to reconsider their management styles if they want to recapture the hearts and minds of their employees. In other words, we need to be more human, and less "management."

Place yourself in your employees' shoes as they deal with all of the uncertainties of this new world of work and that will show employees that you genuinely care, and in turn your employees will do everything to support the organization.

Old School Out - New School In

Archaic leadership styles are not going to cut it in this new world of work. Leaders will need to open their own hearts and minds, and take themselves out of their comfort zones imagining new ways of working, as well as new ways of leading.

Empathy IS the new leadership power-skill.

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