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Today's organizational challenges are not going to be solved by yesterday's solutions.




Rich and I worked together on the design and delivery of a training program to support a newly-designed performance management approach. Rich is by far the most creative instructional designer I've ever worked with. The best (and most genuine and true) thing I can say about Rich is that I became a better designer and a better facilitator having worked with him. He's a gift. 

Jane Takushi -- L&D Manager

Rich is insightful and inspiring. He's got a special knack for asking all the right questions which often result in personal understanding. His guidance this past year has made a profound impact on my professional and personal lives, and I highly recommend working with him to improve your savvy, skills, and self-awareness. 

Jeff Putnam  -- Director Live Ops

Rich is one of those rare L&D professionals who combine equally outstanding skills in instructional design, facilitation, coaching and consulting. Every day, Rich inspires me with his creative and innovative design skills. His great, grounded energy as a facilitator transforms his participants by opening them up to learning and growth. At client meetings, he is the one asking those challenging questions that empower others to reach their best. And as a colleague, I am blessed because he is always there to help with advice, actions and ideas! 

Claudia Zysk -- Head of Talent Development

Rich led a complex transformation of the training functions within the organization that established and all encompassing in house training and development structure.  Rich's leadership allowed others to succeed, maintaining a team approach and meeting expectations both personal and professional.  He understands what it takes to get people to perform at the highest levels.

Matt Tooley -- Training Manager